ツアー/ Shall we meet?

ツアー/ Shall we meet?ツアー/ Shall we meet?


We provide guided walking tours, and we can talk with you on ZOOM to give more individual information.
These services are provided on request and will be charged.
If you wish to have a guided tour or ZOOM online meeting, please contact us by E-mail for more details.

Asakusa / Ueno

吉原(旧遊郭)ツアー / Yoshiwara Walking Tour

吉原(旧遊郭街)散策ツアーを動画でご案内します。 Movie information for Walking Tour of Yoshiwara (Former Pleasure Quarter of Tokyo in the Edo Period)
ツアー/ Shall we meet?

Talk on ZOOM

Would you like to talk directly on ZOOM?We can provide more individual latest information.It will be charged accord...
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