We introduce some sightseeing information for mainly Tokyo and surround area of Japan.
Also we’d like to show the current situation and provide some tips for travelling in Japan.

Asakusa / Ueno

東京スカイツリー in オリンピック / Illuminations of Tokyo Sky Tree during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

東京スカイツリーのライトは、オリンピック前後を通して様々に変わりました。 Illuminations of Tokyo Sky Tree changed before and after the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games
Asakusa / Ueno

「鬼滅の刃」x浅草 コラボイベント 2021年9月終了/ “Demon Slayer” x Asakusa collaboration event has finished

「鬼滅の刃」x 浅草コラボイベント開催中(9月まで)、鬼滅グッズが充実、「遊郭編」予告も見られる。 "Demon Slayer" x Asakusa collaboration event, there are many Demon Slayer goods.
Asakusa / Ueno

上野不忍池 蓮の花/Lotus Pond in Ueno

撮影日:2021年7月22日  Date Filmed: Jul 22 2021 上野公園の不忍池で、蓮の花が咲いています。朝、7:00ころから8:00ころですと、まだ涼しく、人も少ないです。それでも、たくさんの人が写真を撮...
Asakusa / Ueno

吉原(旧遊郭)ツアー / Yoshiwara Walking Tour

吉原(旧遊郭街)散策ツアーを動画でご案内します。 Movie information for Walking Tour of Yoshiwara (Former Pleasure Quarter of Tokyo in the Edo Period)
What’s going on in Japan?

How to use toilets in Japan

In Japan, you may be apprehensive about using the high-tech toilets because they often have many buttons and small boxe...
What’s going on in Japan?

Tokyo in Summer: Don’t Forget Your Umbrella!

Most of Japan is in the rainy season in June and July. It has been raining a lot since the second half of June, and...


In the global hit animation “Neon Genesis Evangelion”, Hakone is the model for the dystopian city of Tokyo-3, and many ...

Odawara Outer Enclosures (Sougamae)

Odawara castle is very important historically as the site of the last major battle between the warlords during Japan’s ...

Hakone Golden Course

We would like to introduces the Hakone sightseeing “Golden Course” using Odakyu Railway's Hakone Freepass.There are man...
フライングヒッポ Flying Hippoをフォローする